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How can Paperfeel improve your iPad experience?

Digital artists know the pain that comes with drawing on a glass screen.

It’s hard to get the linework just right when drawing on a slick surface, and drawing basic shapes becomes a real pain. All of that changes with Paperfeel! Our screen protector provides a drawing surface with the friction and resistance of real paper so that your next work of art can be a digital masterpiece.

Even neat notetakers have trouble when jotting notes on iPad.

The constant slippage leads to hand cramps, muscle fatigue, and notes that can be hard to decipher upon review. Paperfeel helps you take things to the next level by providing the added friction you need to take notes just like you would in a traditional notebook. Take notetaking to the next level in no time flat.

Fewer smudges, anti-glare coating & more

Thanks to our unique Matte coating, Paperfeel reduces the visibility of smudges on your screen and adds an anti-glare coating to improve visual clarity.


Some feedback from our clients

As a Graphic Designer, I could not recommend this more. It seems a bit pricey, but I promise you it’s worth it. Just make sure you watch the instruction video properly. I applied the packaging to my ipad at first!!

Ethan Lucas
Ethan Lucas

Works really well.
This is a gamechanger. Have been using iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for 3 years but always found writing a bit slippery and my handwriting a bit unintelligible to anyone else. Now the pencil grips the surface – but still glides easily. I love it and wish I’d discovered it before. Totally worth the price, you get two in a pack and each one will probably last for ages. I haven’t tested the anti glare element in the sunshine yet but if it improves that as well I shall be so happy.

Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch

Ich hab mich vorher viel schlau gelesen und hatte Angst das die applikation schief gehen kann. Ich muss aber sagen mit den anleitungvideo ging es super easy.
Ich will nicht mehr ohne Folie Zeichen! Es ist ist ein unterschied wie Tag und Nacht. Es ist nicht wie auf Papier aber es ist schön Rau und hat ein angenehmen feeling (auch mit den Finger).

Francesca Oliver
Francesca Oliver

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